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Size: 10 Liters

IN STOCK - Call to Order

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Must be shipped Dangerous Goods. 

Algaecide Permit Info Page

If the algae problem in your pond has reached a level that requires immediate action then Pond Wizard Algaecide is your solution. This class 4, potable water algaecide was designed to work in potable water sources to keep them algae free. With proper application rate and methods you should see the full results in your pond within about a week. Application can be done with ease from the shoreline.

This product can be used in bodies of water that contain fish without causing mortalities. If your pond contains goldfish or Koi however we do not recommend the use of this product. Please phone us to find out the details for applying Pond Wizard Algaecide in ponds that contain fish. Do not treat more than half of a pond or dugout at one time in order to avoid oxygen depletion originating from the decaying of the vegetation. Aeration is always recommended when using an algaecide to reduce oxygen depletion and to increase mixing. Allow one to two weeks between treatments for the oxygen level to recover. This product is more toxic to fish and other species in soft or acid waters.

This is a copper based product that uses a suspended form of copper so that it does not become incorporated into the substrate. This means that far less copper needs to be used to be effective (only 0.2 ppm). Also there are no problems with elevated copper levels in pond sediment that could lead to disposal problems in the future. This product is highly effective against all algae and algae based plants such as Chara, if applied correctly. It also has the added benefit of killing E.coli and other anaerobic bacteria within the water. Making it not only easier but safer to swim in and enjoy your pond.

Store in a safe place away from pets and children. Store away from excessive heat. Pond Wizard Algaecide will freeze, causing separation. Always keep container closed. Store Pond Wizard Algaecide in its original container only. Do not store Pond Wizard Algaecide directly on concrete and store above 5°C to prevent damaging the product.

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