About Us

Aquaculture in North America is still in its infancy. Supplies are hard to come by, and the majority of expertise is on other continents. Fish Farm Supply was started in 1989 with the simple goal of providing much needed products to aquaculture and related industries. We have worked hard to source the best possible products from all over the world to simplify our customer's lives and make their jobs easier.  

     As the business grew over the years, so did our passion to serve our customers in the ever expanding realm of water maintenance and fish care. We now supply products to many industries:

           * Research customers
           * University labs and environmental agencies
           * Pond customers
                  - Residential ponds, koi ponds, hobbyists
                  - Farm dugouts, trout ponds
                  - Lakes of all sizes
                  - Water management ponds
                  - Municipal ponds, golf courses, stormwater management and wastewater
           * Aquarium, fish rooms and aquarium hobbyists
           * Aquaponics and Hydroponics
                  - Both hobbyist and commercial scales
           * Aquaculture customers
                  - Cage site and inland fish farmers
                  - Government hatcheries and sport clubs
                  - Bait retailers and harvesters

        In an industry that is still young and continuously evolving, we love the challenge of providing our customers with the right product, whatever their challenge may be.
        Although we began mainly as a catalogue mail-order business in Elmira, Ontario, we have since expanded to also include a retail store open to the public and an online store in 2005.
        Thanks to many years of business, we have established great shipping rates with many courier companies which allows us to balance price and speed for your deliveries.   

        Fish Farm Supply Co Inc. 

        Retail Store and Office:
        116 Bonnie Cres.,
        Elmira, Ontario,
        Canada,  N3B 3J8

        Phone:  1(877) 669-1096  -or- (519) 669-1096
        Fax: 1(877) 669-2864  -or-  (519) 669-2864

        E-Mail: info@FishFarmSupply.ca

        Hours of Operation