Excavation and Dredging

      We are often asked if we can excavate or build ponds, landscape, and dredge. While we are happy to install our aeration systems and some other products, we leave the heavy lifting and dirty work to the pros who do it best. While this isn't an exhaustive list of all the companies around our area, this list is meant to get you started in your search. 


Gibson Excavating
Flesherton, ON - (519) 922-2841

Joe Blake Excavating
Palgrave, ON - (905) 729-3001

G. Melo Excavating Ltd.
Cambridge, ON - (519) 623-3572

Wilson Ponds Inc.
Hillsburgh, ON - (519) 833-4440
wilsonpondsinc @ live.ca


Envir-O-Site Inc.
Custom suction dredging services
Forest, ON - (519) 383-5114
Port Burwell, ON - (519) 240-2926