COVID-19 Update

During the Provincial lockdown we will continue to support our customers at our indoor pick-up area. This small space will allow customers to pick up pre-arranged orders and place new orders while protecting our team and customers alike.  Due to the size of our in-store pick up area, only one customer will be allowed in at a time and, following local health regulations, masks are required.  We will also be complying with all other government regulations around physical distancing and sanitation as they come into effect.  For the consideration of all our customers, if you have a lengthy inquiry, need design help or are in the research phase of your project, please call or email so that we can provide you with the time and attention that is appropriate while still allowing other customers to flow through the pick-up area efficiently. 
If you need help with those hard-to-find plumbing bits or finding specialized equipment, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you work through what you need and help with any problems you might encounter!
We will also continue to ship orders to customers that are further away or do not wish to come into the store.  Orders can be placed on our website, by email or over the phone and can be shipped right to your door.  We carry many items in stock to make this as efficient as possible and to compensate for the many supply chain challenges that currently exist.

We encourage everyone to follow government and health official guidelines and regulations.  If you need additional information, we encourage you to consult the following links:
Canadian Government -
Ontario Government –
Region of Waterloo – will continue to be available by phone and e-mail during any government mandated shut-downs and look forward to being able to assist you to the best level possible through these challenging times.
Stay Safe, Be Well;  Julia Webber, President

Expanding your Knowledge Base

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Our goal for this site is to provide a huge range of products with extensive information for sizing, selection etc. In addition, we want to provide a wealth of interesting and inspiring information at your fingertips.
  • Julia Webber
The Long and the Short of Pond Aeration

The Long and the Short of Pond Aeration

Adding air to a pond has a huge impact on the health of the ecosystem: It circulates the water, disrupts mosquito breeding, adds oxygen for fish and other critters, and it helps prevent algae and other weeds.
  • Laura Miceli