Plastic Mesh Screening

SKU: N1670
Size: 1/8" Square


High quality, extruded plastic netting is offered in both square and diamond configurations for a wide variety of aquaculture applications. It is made from a pliable, yet durable semirigid polyethylene that is ideal for outdoor use. The material is UV stable and non-toxic. This high quality plastic netting is characterized by a smooth surface and heavy duty construction. The smooth surface minimizes algae growth, making cleaning easier and less frequent. The products are made with more weight than many competitive netting products, providing for greater durability and longer life. And, the material is produced to high quality standards for consistency, uniformity and flatness, making fabrication into cages, traps and trays all the easier. Made in USA. Note: The mesh opening refers to the widest space across the opening.


Mesh Size Mesh Shape W x L
1/16" Square 41" x 50'
1/8" Square 48" x 50'
1/8" Diamond 36" x 50'
1/4" Square 49" x 50'
1/2" Square 48" x 50'
3/4" Square 48" x 50'
1-1/4" Diamond 48" x 50'

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