PCI Deployable Oxygen Concentration Systems


Please CALL us for pricing on these systems so that we can ensure you receive the right size and setup.

PCI is a manufacturer of on-site oxygen generation systems using a proprietary reversible blower Vacuum Swing Absorption (VSA) technology. The DOCS (Deployable Oxygen Concentrator System) uses half the power of equivalent Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) systems along with a significant reduction in footprint. Superior turndown and load following characteristics further enhance energy efficiencies not provided by PSAs.
• Uses an oilless blower.
• Lower operating pressure minimizes the potential for water condensation.
• Not as susceptible to humid environments.
• Single-bed process eliminates all process valves and required manifolds.
• Low operating pressure minimizes sieve dusting because the pressure swing is an order of magnitude lower.
• VSA adsorber vessel has a much longer service life than PSA vessels.
• Shows significantly less degradation of performance at high altitudes.
• Needs no feed air compressor (> 50% saving vs. conventional systems)
• Meets the USP 93% standard and can be as high as 95%.
• Turnkey integrated solution—no need to size and source air compressors, dryer systems and product or feed buffer tanks.

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