Parasite-S (CALL TO ORDER)


Must be ship heated when temperature is below 5°C. Must be shipped Dangerous Goods at all times. Call to order.

An approved formalin (37% formaldehyde) that controls external protozoa, parasites and monogenetic trematodes on all cultured finfish, penaeid shrimp and all finfish eggs. Protozoans controlled include: Ichthyophthirius spp. (“ich”), Costia spp., Chilodonella spp., Epistylus spp., Trichodina spp., and Scyphidia spp. Monogenetic trematodes controlled include Gyrodactylus spp., Dactylogyrus spp., and Cleidodiscus spp. NADA #140- 989. Sold in 200 liter drums only. Ship weight 502 lbs. 

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