Oasis Pond Dye WSP, 10 packages per bag

Colour: Blue -10 Pack

Pond dye is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for wildlife, people, plants and pets. It is easy to use, formulated to professionally dye water hazards, lakes, natural and man-made ponds to a beautiful blue or reflective black. Besides making waterbodies look prestigious, the dye works to filter sunlight and reduce the amount of light that reaches the bottom of your water body. 

Application Rate WSP: 1 packet treats 325,000 gallons or 1/6 acre up to 6’ deep.  To apply simply toss the water soluble packets into the water (while wearing gloves).  It will mix through in about a day.

Your first dose each year will require a full treatment, then subsequent doses are required only to top-up any water that has leached out or been bleached by the sun – approximately 1/10th of the original dose every 3-6 weeks.

Available in either Blue or Black. Sold in bags of 10 WSP (water soluble packets).

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