Oase Floating Fountain with Lights

Size: 1/4 HP, 50' cord
Only 9 pieces in stock!

Built as an enduring focal point or as the life of the party for a special event. It can be installed in a lake or pond, either artificial or natural. The Floating Fountain with Lights is eco-friendly and environmentally smart, improving the overall water quality. It’s ready to connect and comes as a complete set with a pump, float body, mooring lines, lights and 3 nozzles. 2 year limited warranty.


HP Power Cord Trumpet Display Single Tier Display Three Tier Display
1/4 130 watt 50' 15' dia x 3-1/2'h 16’ dia x 10’ h 6-1/2’ dia x 10’ h
1/2 230 watt 75' 23’ dia x 5’ h 28’ dia x 12’ h 9’ dia x 12’ h

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