MetaFloc is a complete water quality and clarity restoration tool. This advanced probiotic and flocculant combines scientific research in bioengineering, phosphorus binding, and coagulation/flocculation resulting in a product that will improve all aspects of water quality. MetaFloc provides a natural way to stop lake eutrophication and restore your lake to a more pristine state.

MetaFloc is applied as a dilute mixture evenly over the surface of the targeted area. This proprietary blend of probiotics and phosphorus binding materials removes phosphorus and turbidity in water within hours and continues to remove phosphorus from the sediments, preventing water quality issues in the future. MetaFloc provides the most flocculation and phosphorus binding per gallon of any product in the market. MetaFloc does not kill aquatic plants or algae.

Sold in a 2.5 Gallon Container

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