Mazzei® Venturi Injectors

SKU: V384
Size: V384


Mazzei® venturis offer an efficient and reliable way to inject virtually any liquid or gas into water. Widely used for the injection of air, oxygen and ozone. When installed properly, injectors can transfer ozone into water with efficiencies as high as 99%. These venturi injectors are made of PVDF Kynar® and are ozone compatible. All venturis include a 1/4” barbed ozone safe check valve. Maximum operating pressure is 400 psi. Made in USA.


Inlet/ Outlet Flow Thru Injection
at 15 psi In
Air Suction
at 15 psi In
V384 1/2” MNPT 1 gpm < 1 cfh
V584 3/4” barb 3.3 gpm 4 cfh
V978 1” MNPT 7.4 gpm 13 cfh
V1584 1-1/2” MNPT 31 gpm 90 cfh
V514 2” MNPT 60 gpm  160 cfh

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