Matala Filtration Mats

Colour: Green
Size: Small - 39" x 24"


This filtration media is expensive, but definitely worth it for some applications! Made of rigid fiber compounds, it is used in many applications in the aquaculture and koi pond markets. It is excellent for removing solid wastes and, unlike other filter padding, totally resists compression! The solid fibers are very resistant to sludge build up and clogging, making cleaning easy. It also features a lot of surface area, so it is very good for biological filtration. Great for low pressure, gravity fed filters and skimmers, Matala® is positively buoyant and may require anchoring in submersed applications.


ft. sq. per ft. cu. Fiber Diameter (mm)
Black 62 0.090
Green 96 0.180
Blue 124 0.060
Grey  170 0.045

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