Living Pond Filters

SKU: 4500
Size: Waterfall Filter
These pond filters have a built in settling cone with a bottom drain for easy cleaning. Sturdy injection molded housing will not warp, frost heave or collapse. The large 3 cubic ft. filter chamber is filled with Springflo™ bio-filter media (included) that provides 180 sq. ft. of surface area for bio-filtration. A top filter mat polishes the water before it is gravity fed back into the pond. The Waterfall model has a 22” wide weir that creates a waterfall or stream. The Versatile model has a 2” FNPT outlet that can be attached to a pipe or tubing for direct pond or stream discharge. Both filters have 1½“ FNPT inlets and 1½” bottom drains.
For ponds with heavy debris or heavy fish loads, one unit per 5,000 gallons is recommended.
Maximum flow rate is 140 gpm.
Lid will support 200 lbs.
Comes with a 5 year warranty.

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