High Volume Linear Aeration Compressors & Kits

Option: HAP-60 Kit


These air pumps move large volumes of air and are suitable to aerate large koi ponds, bait tanks, small aquaponic tanks or systems up to 8 ft deep. **If air stones are more than 8 ft deep there will be undue wear on the diaphragms and will void the warranty.

Aluminum covers and internal noise absorbing systems make these linear pumps surprisingly quiet and rugged. The pump housings are designed for use outdoors but are not waterproof so they need to be kept up out of puddles and with good ventilation. as with all equipment the better you care for it the longer the life of the equipment. Pumps have 6 ft power cords, 110 V, and a ⅜" Barb air outlet. CUL certified. Six month warranty.

Specs/More Info

HAP-60 compressor - 55 watts
HAP-120 compressor - 125 watts

Aeration Kits
Kits include the following:
HAP-60K (Kit): HAP-60 pumps, 50 ft of ½" polyethylene tubing, 50 ft of ⅜" weighted tubing, and one 7" aluminum oxide air stone with check valve.
HAP-120K (Kit): HAP-120 pumps, 50 ft of ½" polyethylene tubing, 100 ft of ⅜" weighted tubing, splitter valve and two 7" aluminum oxide air stone with check valves.

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