Hach® Water Quality Test Strips

SKU: H27448
Test Type: Alkalinity


These small test strips provide a rapid means of checking water quality. Simply dip a strip into the sample, wait for colour to develop, and compare colour on the reagent pad to the colour chart on the bottle. Each kit contains 50 tests, except Nitrate & Nitrite and Ammonia have only 25.

Range and Saltwater Compatibility

Test Range Saltwater Compatibility
Alkalinity 0 to 240 ppm No
Ammonia 0 to 5 ppm No
Free & Total Chlorine 0 to 10 ppm Yes
Hardness 0 to 425 ppm Yes
Nitrate &
0 to 50 &
0 to 3 ppm
pH 4 to 9 Yes
Phosphate 0 to 5 ppm Yes

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