Gate Valves

SKU: GV1.5
Size: 1.5" PVC Slip x Slip, Max 30 PSI

Knife gate valves are economical quick acting valves for low pressure applications. They can be easily taken apart and the seals can be changed; even the valve body can be changed without upsetting the ends that may be glued to your pipes. They offer unrestricted flow and are quick opening, 100% water tested at the factory and quite low in cost. These 1.5” to 8” valves are all PVC with stainless steel shafts, polypropylene knife gates (except for 4”, 6” and 8”, which have stainless steel gates), and have Santoprene™ seals. The valves listed are all slip by slip unless otherwise noted. Please note: we can order ends in various other styles. Like most valves, they are not for use in freezing conditions. One year warranty.

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