Egg Tray Vertical Incubators

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Size: 4 Tray Vertical Incubators - Salmon

These vertical incubators are used world wide due to their versatility and reliability. 4-tray, 8 tray and 16 tray vertical incubators are available to use in various combinations to maximize use of available manpower, floor space and water supply. The design and construction of these vertical incubators offers several advantages.

Vertical flow: Fresh water enters the rear of a water tray, at the top tray, upwells through the egg tray and flows over the front wall inside the water tray into a channel which feeds the next lower water tray unit.
Accessibility: Each water tray is designed to slide easily forward on level tracks from the front of the cabinet enabling eggs to be worked on and returned to the tray without removing it from the vertical incubator cabinet. Hatchery personnel may remove individual egg trays entirely to monitor the progress of eggs and fry without disturbing the remaining trays in the stack.
Versatility: These vertical incubation systems may be used in single 8 tray application or may be stacked atop each other to form 16 tray configurations without consuming additional floor space. In the stacked application, a second water source may be introduced to the lower units, thus insuring ample oxygen for each incubator. Also manufactured as a 4 tray incubation unit for small quantity applications such as educational or laboratory environments for segregated batch incubation of hybrid eggs.
Materials: The cabinet itself is constructed of a one piece welded aluminum frame for lightweight, convenience in stack-ability, corrosion resistance and a long useful life. Interior components are molded of plastic which may be easily cleaned, disinfected after or prior to each use, and are resistant to corrosion. Materials will neither rust nor attack eggs chemically. All incubation components will float.
Species Specific: These incubation units are delivered fully assembled with screening material specified by the hatchery for the desired species. Proper screen mesh size allows eggshells to pass through while retaining alevin or fry.

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