Dewatering Bags

Size: 1.5 Meter Long

Dewatering bags have been used for removal of solids from aquaculture waste, industrial waste, municipal sludge and dredged materials, thus eliminating the need for mechanical dewatering. They have also been used in breakwater applications to protect and enhance beachfronts and coastlines or as dikes to preserve and reconstruct eroding embankments.
Dewatering bags are fabricated from a strong, woven geotextile material with special high-strength sewing techniques. The geotextile fabric is permeable to water while retaining solids, sludge or dredged materials. Excess water drains from the bag through small pores, resulting in effective dewatering of the contained material. This volume reduction allows for repeated addition of solids to the bag. After dewatering, the dried solids can be used to fertilize crops, burned or disposed of in a landfill.
Three standard sizes of are available all 3.5 meters wide.
Custom sizes are also available based on flow rates and/or volume. Please call for more information.

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