Corey Aquafeed Trout Food

Size: 3 mm Floating 15 kg


Every Aquafeed product originates from our relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. We offer extruded pellets in a variety of nutritionally complete and balanced formulations, which help you create and maintain conditions for your fish to thrive. Our fish-based oils and proteins are derived from sustainable sources. We test all ingredients for quality and integrity before we include them in any of our feeds. Continual monitoring throughout the manufacturing process, as well as post production testing, ensures you receive a product that meets your expectations for a high quality feed. Our CoreyTec™ Infusion Process allows greater retention of lipids inside each pellet with reduced leaching. You want important nutrients in your fish, not in their water.
Starter Feed - see EWOS Starter Diets
The Optimum™ diet (Sinking) - Being discontinued see Bluewater Sinking Feed
Our Floating diet is formulated for salmonids and other pond reared species. It helps control excess waste and improve feed conversion through better feed management. Like all Corey Nutrition diets, our Floating Feed has been designed to meet the nutritional requirements of your fish by promoting balanced growth while helping to maintain water quality.
Recommended fish size is provided as a guideline only, based on salmonid (salmon and trout) species.

3mm: 6" - 10" fish
4mm: 10" - 13" fish
5mm: 11.5" - 15" fish 

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