Clear PVC Pipe, sold per foot

SKU: C100
Size: 1/2"


If you need to see what is going on inside your pipes, this clear (slight blue tint) PVC pipe is the answer. Use economical short lengths to see the degree of microbial growth inside the piping or build entire clear systems for research, prototypes, oxygen saturators, etc.
This clear PVC pipe is FDA approved for food contact applications. May be cold sterilized in ethylene oxide. It is fully compatible with regular Schedule 40 PVC pipe fittings. Install with regular PVC cement. Use compression couplings, flexible couplings or unions to facilitate cleaning. Sold by the foot, 10’ length maximum.


Pipe Size Max PSI
1/2" 300
3/4" 240
1" 220
1-1/4" 180
1-1/2" 170
2" 140
3" 130
4" 110
6" 45



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