Auto Dialer Alarm Systems

Size: System 1 (Max of 4 sensors)

Auto Dialer Alarm Systems

Sensaphone® alarms pay for themselves by preventing disasters and reducing man hours. Built in microphone monitors sound—call at any time and listen in from a remote location. Units call you when there is a problem and speak in plain English. Use your regular phone line (separate line not needed). They recognize and bypass all answering machines and continue dialing until they contact a person. Auto shut down after the 16th attempt (four phone numbers, four dial attempts on rotation, up to 255 attempts). A200 can contact up to eight people. One year warranty.
Important Features:
• Continues dialing numbers in sequence for 16 to 255 attempts.
• Most sensors can be mounted up to 150 feet away with 18 to 22 gauge wire.
• Can dial out to beepers and pagers.
• Backup battery condition monitor.
• Built in clock.
• Programmable security code access.
• Variable AC power failure alarm.
• Compatible with cellular telephones (for dialing out) equipped with an RJ11 telephone jack.

Auto Dialer Alarm Accessories

Mount these sensors up to 150 feet away from the auto dialer!
A2B* Water Detection Sensor: Set on the floor to alert if flooding occurs. Small sensors on bottom of unit will send a signal if water is detected.
A2C* Magnetic Reed Switch: Install on doors, windows, etc. Will cause dial out when contacts are opened.
AT5* Remote Temperature Probe: Measures water or air temperature up to 50’
from unit. Triggers a dial-out when temperature passes high and low set limits.
50’ of Teflon®-jacketed cable included.
A3* Remote Temperature Sensor: Monitors room temperature. Simply attach to a wall and run wire (not included) to a terminal. Triggers dial-out if temperature passes high or low set limits. Can also be used under water if wire connections are thoroughly sealed. Can be used with up to 150’ of cable.
A3B* Passive Infrared Motion Detector: Can detect movement within a facility
to determine unauthorized entry.
*Wires or cables not included. Use 18–22 gauge wire.

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