AmQuel® Plus

Size: 16 oz
Considered to be one of the most effective dechlorinators on the market, AmQuel® Plus instantly removes all forms of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine and chloramine from both fresh and saltwater.
The active ingredient in AmQuel® Plus reacts with nitrogen compounds like ammonia and nitrite to form a nontoxic, stable substance that does not interfere with beneficial bacteria and can be oxidized by nitrifying bacteria in the biofilter. AmQuel® Plus uses no sodium thiosulphate, contains no formaldehyde and is non-toxic to all fish and invertebrates.
Water treated with AmQuel® Plus cannot be accurately tested using Nessler’s type ammonia tests or Winkler type D.O. kits.
The amounts of toxic components removed by AmQuel® Plus vary depending on water conditions.
Recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon (5 ml) for each 10 gallons. This dose will remove chlorine, 1.2 ppm of ammonia, 2 ppm of nitrite, 13 ppm of nitrate.
One 16 oz bottle treats 960 gallons.

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