Size: A5 (#9A) - 12V - 5.0 Amp - Height 9" - Up to 90lbs of Fish
We offer both the traditional agitators and the bubble aspirator style. Each has an epoxy coated, 1/4” screen (4” diameter), continuous duty motor. The Agitator puts fresh oxygen into the water by the turning motion of the prop and paddle. The lower half of the paddle turning constantly at a fast speed causes a displaced pocket of water, creating a vacuum pocket. The top half of the paddle holds an opening through the turmoil of the disturbed water so that the fresh air can be sucked into the vacuum pocket and broken into millions of small bubbles.  These bubbles are pushed into movement in your tank. Through the constant beating of water a large roll of bubbles or pockets are created around the paddle and basket.  These bubbles are literally millions of larger pockets of air covered by thin layers of water.  When thin layers of water are exposed in the surrounding atmosphere all impurities such as carbon dioxide and ammonia, most of which comes from the droppings and excretions of the fish, are drawn off by evaporation. One year warranty on all units.  Made in USA.

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