Weighted Tubing

Size: 1/4" ID 50 feet

Weighted tubing is self-weighted so it lays on the bottom of your pond instead of across the top of the water like polyethylene or vinyl airline.

  • No more bricks or cinder blocks to try to hold your tubing down! This means easier installation, removal, and maintenance.
  • Tubing lays across the bottom so you're much less likely to get snagged when swimming, fishing, boating, etc.
  • Compared to other tubing types, weighted tubing is more flexible and resistant to the shear forces of ice, resistant to kinking and splitting. 

Weighted tubing is very easily camouflaged in shallow ponds due to it's dark colour.

The ⅝” I.D. (WD1) tubing has an O.D. of 1.125”.
Use the smaller ⅜” I.D. (WD2, has an O.D. of ⅝”) weighted tubing for smaller volumes of air, shorter distance or with higher pressure compressors.

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