Vertical Pump Aerators

Size: V1 - 12V - 10 Amps
These aerators have changed little in the last 25 years, except for the new motor design!
The patented design uses a propeller inside the lift tube increasing the pumping efficiency. Low restriction slots spray the lifted water, providing excellent aeration. These unit have been an industry staple to move fish while maintaining oxygen levels. This insures that fish arrive healthier and less stressed.
Model V1 12 V DC, 10 amp units that are very popular for live fish transport. V2S is a 115/230 V single phase, 60 Hz, often used for holding tanks.
Power cords are not included.
Both models use a stainless steel bearing, tube, propeller and fasteners for saltwater compatibility.
All tubes are 20" in length.
One year warranty on all models.
Made in USA.

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