Savio Springflo

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Cutting Edge Performance, More Surface Area.
This is not just another plastic media, it’s hybrid technology! You are looking at the world’s most advanced biofilter media. The remarkable, embossed green coils of Savio Springflo™ provide more surface area for beneficial, waste purifying microorganisms than any other product of similar volume. Patented design resists clogging, channelling, and encourages rapid bacterial growth for healthier, cleaner ponds and water gardens.
Savio Springflo’s embossed pattern provides over 180 ft2 of active surface area per box. Easily self dispenses, simply hold above filter and start unwinding from
center. While other media have a short usable life (they work best off the shelf), the “loose coil” effect created by Savio Springflo™ fosters an ideal environment for waste filtering, it actually works best as it gets dirtier. Plus, it’s very easy
to clean, just don’t use soaps, hot water, or chemicals, as they can harm the beneficial bacteria thriving to keep your pond clean, naturally. Savio Springflo™ is a special formulation of embossed polypropylene and calcium carbonate that lasts for
an entire year. Plus, it’s an easy upgrade for any old style filter still using filter
mat, gravel, bioballs, or floss.

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