NFT Channels

Part: 10' Long Bottom Channel -- will ship as two 5' pieces
NFT channels are easy to use and easy to clean. One unique feature of our NFT channel is the removable lid or top cap for ease of cleaning and harvesting. There are end caps that cover both ends of the channel keeping out the light and thus preventing algae growth in the channel. It is constructed from food grade, UV stabilized plastic for safety and long life. Lids snap on and remain secure until they need to be removed for harvesting and cleaning. No need to spend hours punching or drilling holes in the lids because they come pre-punched with a 1” square hole on 8” centers. These holes as well as the depth of the channel are the perfect size to accept a 1” square cube of either Rockwool or Oasis. A slight “v” in the bottom of the channel directs the nutrient down the center of the channel to insure all plants receive the necessary nutrients. 

Channels are 4.75" wide (with cover installed), Dimension on the channel is 4.0625" wide outside (3.75" wide inside bottom) x 1.25" tall outside.

Please note for shipping reasons that all 10' channels will be shipped as two 5' lengths.  Only if the units are being picked up can they be received as 10' lengths.

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