Koenders Windmill - Double Diaphragm

Height: 12 Foot Tower
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No power? No problem!

Powered solely by wind, windmills provide bottom-to-top aeration without any electrical service. Mounted on land, the spinning fan generates pressure within a diaphragm compressor and pumps air into the pond similar to an electrical compressor system.

Double Diaphragm Windmill Kits

The galvanized steel windmill kit comes in 12’, 16’, and 20’ tall towers. All tower heights include the same 3 CFM double diaphragm compressor, 12-blade 69” diameter fan and tail, 200’ of ⅜" poly airline, 200’ of ⅜" weighted airline, two 7” diameter air diffuser with a check valve, splitter valve and complete assembly instructions. This compressor produces double the amount of air flow as the original Koenders Diaphragm Windmill. But these windmills do require slightly higher wind speeds to start as they do not have a recovery stroke.  12 month warranty.

The height of your windmill should be chosen based on the surrounding vegetation and landscape. In areas of few trees and flat landscapes, shorter windmills can be used more effectively. In cases where there is a lot of shrub cover or hills, a taller windmill should be used. 

Extra lengths of air line can be added up to 500’, in order to locate the tower farther from the pond if necessary, in the interest of catching ideal wind conditions, such as on a hill.

Sizing Your Pond

Aeration is most efficient in deep water, therefore your air diffuser stone should be placed in the deepest, most central location in your pond. The exception to this rule is if you have trout, in which case, especially during the warm summer months the diffuser should be at half depth. Depending on the depth of your diffuser, a double diaphragm windmill with two diffuser stone can aerate up to 5 acres.

Optional equipment that we would suggest:

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