Kasco VFX Series Fountain

SKU: F2400VFX50
HP: 1/2 HP

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Kasco Marine’s VFX series floating aerating fountain is great for medium to large ponds. The classic "V" fountain pattern will assist in improving the overall ecosystem health in your pond or lake by adding  oxygen and circulating the top layer of water. The use of an impeller gives the unit very high water flow and full fountain patterns.

Every VFX series fountain includes a GFCI protected control panel with timer, 120V outlet for lights, and photo eye for optional light operation. SJTOW underwater-rated power cord length options of 50’, 100’, 150’, 200’ and longer. We carry 100’ power cords in stock but can order all other sizes. 

Virtual image viewer.

Display sizes

Kasco has a tool to help you picture these fountains in your pond. Click HERE to try it out. 



½ HP

¾ HP

1 HP

2 HP

5 HP


120 V

120 V/ 240 V

120 v/ 240 V

240 V

240 V


5.6 amp

7.3 / 3.7 amp

11.3/5.7 amp

10 amp

20 amp


H x W

H x W

H x W

H x W

H x W

5’ x 15’

6’ x 21’

8’ x 26’

8’ x 32’

9’ x 34’

Specs/More Info

Included with all Kasco Fountains:
  • Motor has flooded oil lubrication for excellent heat dissipation - with environmentally friendly oil
  • Long-life top and bottom ball bearings
  • Highly efficient motor for lower power consumption 
  • All external metal components are stainless steel and protected by a sacrificial zinc anode
  • ETL listed to stringent UL and CSA standards
  • Warranty: 2 years for ½ to 1 hp models, 3 years for 2 hp and larger models
  • Two braided nylon mooring ropes
  • Float and bottom screen assembly
  • GFCI protected control panel with timer

  •  Kasco accessories for this product


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