Expanded clay pellets


This light weight clay aggregate is an excellent growing medium for any hydroponic system and pond plants. Clay aggregates are heated at 1,200°C, creating an inner pore structure and ceramic shell that holds moisture for roots and helps minimize the buildup of salts and nutrients.  The aggregate wicks the water and nutrient solution upward, pebble by pebble, releasing it to the plant roots as needed. The round shaped structure provides excellent root aeration and will not compact.  Clay aggregate is chemically inert, odorless, will not degrade and has a neutral pH of 7.0. It’s easily washed, completely reusable and will last indefinitely. Excellent in systems with potted plants and in ebb and flow system trays. It readily accepts transplanted seedlings started in oasis cubes, Rockwool® or other planting media.

Sold in 50 liter bag. 

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