FloMov Airlift Pump

Size: 1/2", max 1 gpm


FloNergia's FloMov family of pumps are designed specifically for Aquaculture, Aquaponics and Hydroponics applications. They offer a well-engineered dual injector airlift pump solution that uses significantly less energy than conventional centrifugal pumps. 

 With a wide range of ready available sizes, these pumps serve the need of producers large and small.  Custom design solutions are available for an even wider variety of applications and sizes.

FloMov pumps are the perfect solution for providing water circulation and aeration in a single device for your application:

  • 50-70% less energy usage compared to systems using centrifugal pumps
  • Improved water aeration with the ability to operate using injected gases if needed
  • High ability to handle solid heavy water mixtures
  • Minimal maintenance requirements since there are no moving parts
  • Reduced noise levels

FloMov Pumps are best integrated with regenerative bower to maximize energy savings.

For additional information please see the attached Data Sheet or the supplier's website https://www.flonergia.com/airlift-pumps.html



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