Fish Tags

Part: Lt. Blue Flag Tags 100/pk

Farmers and researchers have found that fish tags are one of the best ways to identify individual fish. They can be used to distinguish male fish from females and broods from the rest of the stock. They can mark genetic strains and individual fish for research and growth studies. We offer the popular T bar anchor tags in both flag and number styles. They are easy to insert, cause minimal stress and can remain in the fish for years. The flag tag is 2.5” long with a 3/16” x 3/8” flag (no labeling possible). Available in seven colours. The number style is similar to the flag style without the flag. Our standard colour is international orange with black numbers. Available in No. 1 through 100, No. 1 through 500, and No. 1 through 1,000. The tagging gun, which is compatible with both tag styles, uses a needle to insert the tags to a depth of 5/8”. Custom printed tags and other styles are also available.

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