FAT CAT™ Aeration System

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Continuous aeration benefits your pond in a number of ways: It can reduce or eliminate the need for emergency aeration and water exchange; it can reduce the buildup of ammonia, blue green algae and muck; and it helps to keep oxygen near the bottom, where it can keep benthic organisms alive. FAT CAT™ a series of small diffusers attached to one or more floating high volume air lines and driven by a low pressure, low maintenance air blower. It is simple, efficient, inexpensive to purchase and maintain, and has no propellers, paddles or electricity in the water to damage the fish. There are a number of ways to aerate shallow aquaculture ponds but, honestly, we know of no other method that works as well or as cost effectively as the FAT CAT™ for up to one acre ponds.

This system has a large area of influence and is easy to remove for seining. The FAT CAT™ method uses between 1/2 and 2 horsepower per surface acre. It uses numerous small diffusers, far more effective than a few large ones because the aeration is more uniform. And, because the diffusers are suspended from an airline, they are easily moved to the shore for seining. The technique works especially well for ponds, such as those for nursery ponds.

Sizing/ Layout

Pipe sizing, layout and blower size depends upon an individual facility. Send us a layout, showing ponds to be aerated, distances, depths, power
locations, type of power (phase, voltage, hertz, etc.), and other pertinent information as well as a phone or fax number and time you can be reached for discussion. We will be happy to design a FAT CAT™ system and give you a price quote at no charge.

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