Directional Fish Feeders

Type: 70 lbs with Adjustable Legs


Aquatic Xtreme Fish Feeder® utilizes a high velocity, centrifugal air blower system. Feed pellets are projected in a wedge shaped feed pattern approximately 45’ in length by 20’ in width, without dropping feed within 5’ of the feeder. Includes digital timer and 12 Volt, 7 amp rechargeable battery. Galvanized or powder coated green finish (for green please add that you would like green in the notes of your order).
Digital Timer is easy to set and reliable. It controls a dual motor system that delivers the flow of feed that is introduced into the air blower system. Includes built-in battery tester, large easy-to-read display and special coating for extreme temperature and weather protection. Pre-wired for optional solar charger. Timer has 5 year limited warranty.
2 Watt Optional Solar Charger utilizes the sun’s energy and extends the battery life and maintains charge. Built In protection prevents battery power drainage. Installs on any side of the feeder and connects directly to the timer.


Feed Capacity Dimensions
 70 lbs 20" x 22" x 40"

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