Bio-Weave Diffusers

Size: 1' Long

Self weighted Bio-Weave diffuser hose is a popular method of introducing air and oxygen into hauling tanks, culture tanks, lakes or wherever long flexible diffusion is needed. It is made of a strong, woven Dacron® material that will last for years. Operating range is 0.2 to 0.6 cfm per foot. The diffuser surface is a soft fiber that flexes easily. Because Bio-Weave is self weighted, placement and removal of these large diffusers is simple. We make these medium bubble diffusers with garden hose fittings (a cap on the male end and a 1/4” male barb adapter on the female fitting). Bio-Weave has about a 20” H2O resistance to airflow, so it is marginally compatible with regenerative blowers. One year warranty. Made in USA.

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