Submersible Pump Filter Bag

Size: PFB101


Submersible pump intake screens are typically quite small and can be blocked with just a little debris. While looking for a solution, we realized that we could put the pump into a filter bag. We carry five different sizes. Place your submersible pump, its power cord and outlet hose right in the bag, tie the top closed, and you have a large surface area, long life inlet strainer. Select a bag larger in diameter than your pump, with a mesh opening smaller than the pump’s inlet strainer, but not so fine that the bag requires frequent cleaning. We have three types: lightweight, medium and heavy weight. The lightweight are fine mesh, ideal for pumps up to 15 gpm. They have a bottom stiffener ring and about 2 ft2 of surface area with a drawstring closure, fitting pumps up to 10” in diameter. Our popular medium weight bag fits pumps up to 7” in diameter and has about 2 ft2 of surface area. The heavy weight bags handle up to 12” in diameter and offer about 6 ft2 of surface area. The heavy weight bags use a stiff, semi-rigid, polyethylene mesh for flows to 60 gpm. The medium and heavy weight bags use a tie wrap closure. Made in USA.


Mesh Weight Pump Dia Mesh Dimensions Colour
PFB101 Light 10" 1/32" 15" w x 24" l Green
PFB102 Light 10" 1/8" 15" w x 24" l Blue
PB38 Heavy 12" 3/8" 17" w x 39" l Black

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