Linear II Air Pumps by Sweetwater®

Part: Pump
Size: SL24


Things just keep getting better, and that is true for the Sweetwater® linear air pumps. The Linear II air pumps average about 40% more air and about 20% lower power consumption. You will see similar looking air pumps imported from Asia, but the Sweetwater® brand is significantly different. These are designed for 60 Hz (North American) operation to produce maximum efficiency (we also offer 50 Hz models for export). These models permit continuous operation exceeding 3 years! Simply clean the air inlet filter as needed. There is no need for lubrication, and the outlet air is always clean. Besides being very efficient they are super quiet. You can even operate them right in the classroom, pet store or laboratory. Each uses a heavy, cast aluminum, drip proof housing. Standard models are 115V, 60Hz with 6’ power cords. UL listed and CE approved. Three year warranty (does not include filters or diaphragm). Repair kits include Diaphragms, Heads and Valves.

Specs/ Sizes

Size Indoor/ Outdoor Max Depth Watts Outlet cfm at 2 psi

SL24 Indoor 120" 15 1/4" 0.56
SL56 Outdoor 150" 50 3/4" 1.5
SL94 Outdoor 180" 90 3/4" 3.0
SL190 Outdoor 190" 190 3/4" 9.0

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