Collapsible Rake

The Collapsible Weed Raker is the first professional grade aluminum rake designed specifically for lake and pond use.  The Collapsible Weed Raker takes the traditional landscape rake, frequently used as a lake rake, and turns it into a rake designed specifically for aquatic use. Storage space is a premium for everyone, so this rake collapses from 36” to 5” in width for storage, and the 8.5’ handle disassembles into three sections. The head is designed to minimize weight without sacrificing quality; making it lighter than other professional grade rake heads.  The rake’s teeth are designed specifically for aquatic vegetation management and have been made lighter, longer and wider. The tip of each rake tooth is formed to make a chiseling edge for better cutting and digging action.  Additionally, you can retrieve debris and weeds off the surface of the water by simply attaching the included floats and 25’ rope. Rake weighs 6 lbs.

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