Aquaculture Dip Nets - Heavy-Duty Harvesting Nets

Size: DN11


These nets are heavy nets for heavy loads. They’ll carry up to 100 lbs! A hand grip at the frame throat makes lifting heavy loads easier. DN11 (shown) and DN12 are generally preferred for catfish and DN13 for fish with scales. Painted steel frame with galvanized steel handles. The nets ship Oversize at the 30 lb rate, so four can ship for the same price as one.


Frame Size Bag Depth Mesh Handle
DN11 22" x 18" 24" 1" knotted poly 42" Steel
DN12 21" x 16" 12" 1/4" Knotless Dipped 31" Steel
DN13 19" x 15" 12" 1/4" Knotless 31" Steel

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