1,500 Gallon Holding System
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1,500 Gallon Holding System

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You don’t have to guess about equipment sizing or worry about losing fish with this system. This system has been designed and tested it to ensure that it is complete, easy to maintain and flexible; just supply water and a place for drainage! This commercial system includes three 500 gallon tanks, bead filter, biofilter, air and water pumps, UV sterilizer, sump, plumbing, feeders and mesh tank covers. This system is great for quarantine or for holding fish for retail. Each tank has valves for adjusting its water level to full, half full or empty. For example, you may want to lower a tank’s level to half full when treating diseased fish with medicine, halving the volume of water so that you only need half the medicine as a full tank. Because the plumbing is already in place underneath the tanks, you don’t need to build it into your flooring.

Other features include a bottom center drain, baffle to help create a circular water flow inside the tanks and mesh netting to cover each tank. Each tank has a vibratory feeder (holds 1.75 liters of up to 6 mm food), digital timer, controller and adapters. Set up to 24 feedings per 24 hours from 1 to 59 seconds each.

We use top quality, reliable components for each commercial system. You get a Whitewater™ diaphragm air pump (TL180), AquaDyne® Bead Filter 2.2 and Clearwater™ Low Space Bioreactor (handles 4 to 9 lbs feed/day). The bead filter has its own air pump for back washing. You can bypass the UV sterilizer (120 W, puts out 30,000 ìWs/cm²) for service. We recommend operating the supplied artesian water pump at 30 to 45 gpm. System is 115 V, 60 Hz or 230 V, 50 Hz (for export) and requires a minimum space of 25’ l x 8’ w x 5.3’ h. 

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