Fish Farm 2 Aquaculture System
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Fish Farm 2 Aquaculture System

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650.00 pounds
FF400 - Fish Farm II system ---- $10,153.04 
ALR15 - Repl. Diffuser ---- $20.58 
PF2A - Repl. Filter Media* ---- $52.29 
SL88 - Repl. Air Pump ---- $814.24 


Our Fish Farm™ II is a perfect system for producing up to 300 pounds of fish at one time. Avoid the usual high costs and problems associated with designing an untested system. It is perfectly suited for schools and individuals who wish to "get their feet wet" prior to going into the fish farming business. The Fish Farm™ II features two 500 gallon polyethylene tanks with viewing windows and support stands, a complete filtration unit using a double-drain system to separate and remove solids and a fluidized bioreactor. A silent, efficient Sweetwater® compressor provides aeration and circulation. This eliminates electrical devices in the water for safety. With two tanks, it is possible to culture two species or two sizes of fish at the same time. Isolation valves allow separation of one or both of the tanks from the filter for cleaning or treatment. Maintenance requires as few as 15 minutes a day and 40 gallons of makeup/exchange water. Assembly of the system is easy. Most components come pre-assembled, requiring only a screwdriver and fewer than 4 man-hours. Flexible pipe joins the tanks to the filter. This allows some options for tank position to fit a variety of layouts. Complete instructions and a setup/operation video is included. Tanks are 70" D x 30" H. Weighs 620 lbs, ships via motor freight. All accessories packages are available for various species, climate conditions and special applications. One-year warranty.

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