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Aquatic Rake 8" Teeth*

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Flexible, replaceable teeth. Get to the root of your weed problem with the longest, widest, deepest aquatic lake rake in the industry. The Weed Raker removes the roots of aquatic vegetation stopping their regrowth. This aquatic weed rake is a 3’ wide patented tool featuring 8" flexible teeth that will not get hung up in heavy roots. The tip of each tooth has holes, allowing the addition of a filament (not included) to assist in pulling weeds from lake bottom, if desired. This rake is ideal for removing the organic matter at the bottom of your lake which fuels the regrowth of more weeds! The Weed Raker comes in a box that is 39" inches long, 5" wide and 2" inches deep. The Weed Raker has a four section handle that snaps together giving the use up to 11" feet of reach. The Weed Raker comes with 43’ of rope.

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