Aquaculture Analysis Laboratory
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Aquaculture Analysis Laboratory

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Highly recommended for the serious field professional, this kit includes most things a fish farmer needs to monitor water quality. The portable lab analyzes the 8 critical factors most commonly required by a fish farmer: dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, salinity, nitrite, ammonia, hardness and alkalinity. Excellent for both fresh and saltwater analyses. Designed with field analysis as a priority, the outfit is packaged in a durable, waterproof, Pelican™ case that is foam lined and holds the components in place. See part numbers for individual reagents. Each kit includes: YSI550 Dissolved oxygen meter (Y550A12), Alkalinity test strips (H27448), Salinity refractometer (SR5), Hardness test strips (H27452), Waterproof pH tester (WD- 35634-10), Pocket dial thermometer (TH4), Nitrite test kit (LM7421), Ammonia test kit (LM4795), Waterproof case (1500. 

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