Koender Aeration Windmill*
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Koender Aeration Windmill*

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Price:  $1,345.00

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195.00 pounds
WIND12 - 12ft ---- $1,345.00 
WIND16 - 16ft ---- $1,445.00 
WIND20 - 20ft ---- $1,545.00 
WIND24 - 24ft ---- $1,745.00 



Windmills are a great way to aerate your pond without having to use any hydro, which makes them especially useful for locations without access to hydro.   These windmills can effectively aerate up to a one and half acre pond (at 20’ deep) with as little as a 5 mph wind! As the blades spin, air is compressed in the direct-drive diaphragm compressor and forced through a 3/8” air line down to an 7” diameter diffuser on the pond bottom. Aerating your pond adds vital oxygen for fish and pond health, and also prevents stagnation and winter kill. 

The galvanized steel windmill package comes in 12’ , 16’ , 20’ and 24’ tall towers, and include a diaphragm compressor, 12-blade 65” diameter rotor, 100’ of poly air line, 7” diameter air diffuser with a check valve, and complete assembly instructions. The height of your windmill should be chosen based on the surrounding vegetation and landscape. The less vegetation and the flatter the landscape you have, the less disruption there is to the wind, and so a shorter windmill can be used more effectively. In cases where there is a lot of tree cover or hills. a taller windmill should be used. By adding extra air line, the tower can also be mounted several hundred feet away from the edge of the pond to allow for ideal wind conditions, such as a clearing without trees, or on top of a hill.

Optional equipment:

The freeze control is a 2 gallon tank to prevent air line freeze up. It releases a small amount of antifreeze down the airline when a blockage is detected (ethanol or isopropyl alcohol are not included).

The air driven water pump that can be used with these windmill are cyclical pumps -- great for filling tanks or troughs but not practical for use with fountains or waterfalls.

Made in Canada.





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