Rectangular Aluminum Oxide Air Stones*
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Rectangular Aluminum Oxide Air Stones*

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Price:  $5.86

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1.00 pounds
Air Stone Sizes: 
FF1 - Air Stone, 0.20 CFM 1''x1''x2'' ---- $9.48 
FF2 - Air Stone, 0.25 CFM 1.5''x1.5''x1.5'' ---- $5.86 
FF10 - Air Stone, 0.35 CFM 1.5''x1.5''x3'' ---- $8.74 
FF15 - Air Stone, 0.50 CFM 1.5''x1.5''x6'' ---- $12.85 
FF21 - Air Stone, 0.75 1.5''x1.5''x9'' ---- $21.90 
FF30 - Air Stone, 1.0 CFM 1.5''x1.5''x12'' ---- $26.46 
Fitting Size for Above Airstones: 
A -- 3/16" Barb Fitting 
B -- 1/4" Barb Fitting 
C -- 3/8"Barb Fitting 
D -- 1/2" Barb Fitting 
E -- 1/4" MNPT Fitting 
F -- 1/2" MNPT Fitting 


Unlike the standard silica airstones these airstones can be cleaned time and time again without wearing down. These airstones are actually constructed of the same material used for grinding stones which makes them extremely durable. While increasing durability there has been nothing sacrificed in the quality of aeration delivered to you pond, tank or lagoon. These airstone break air up into small air bubbles to increase the surface area between water and air to increase transfer rates. Small air bubbles also enables the bubble column to move water with it and so allow for circulation of your water body. We also supply an airstone specifically designed to work well in an earth pond. These 7” diameter dome airstones have a plate on the bottom to prevent the airstone from digging into the pond bottom and burying itself while maximizing surface area. To indicate fitting a letter to the end of part number (A - 3/16” barb, B - 1/4” barb, C - 3/8” barb, D - 1/2” barb, E - 1/4” MNPT, F - 1/2” MNPT).

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