Articulating Weed Cutter*
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Articulating Weed Cutter*

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This weed cutter offers all the advantages of our fixed blade model (AWC) but with advantage of the blades being adjustable. There have four adjustable positions. The firsts closed position, only 9” at it widest, allows for much easier storage. The other positions allow for an adjustable width so that if weed are easier to cut or thinner a wider area can be cut in a single pass. The width options are 48”, 57” and 62”. These positions are maintained by a bi-pin system at the top of the handle. Handle length is 40” from the base of the blades. Cutter includes a 20’ rope. Caution: cutter blades are very sharp. This cutter will not get snagged on roots like many rakes but beware to move any airline, ropes and electrical cords in the pond as it will certainly cut through these as well. The weed cutter comes in a box that is 39” inches long, 6” wide and 4” inches deep. Weighs 10 lbs. Note that cutter is shown with yellow protective cover over blades. 

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