Air Stone Cleaning Instructions

How to Clean Diffusers

The airstone diffusers, made of Aluminum oxide grit, are virtually indestructible and will give many years of service. The only maintenance normally required is periodic cleaning. The frequency of cleaning will be determined by the mineral and organic content of the water in which the air diffusers are used. In clean, cold, soft water, cleaning may only be necessary every 2 or 3 years. In very hard water or water high in organics, it could be necessary as often as every 2 months.

1. Remove from service and blow out excess water. If fouled with barnacles or other gross foreign material, scrape or hose off.

2. Immerse completely in undiluted muriatic acid for a sufficient time to dissolve the clogging material. This may take from one minute to eight hours in the most extreme cases. Be very careful when using acid! Wear eye, face and hand protection and have clean water available for rinsing and acid diluting in the case of an acid splash or spill.

3.After the clogging material has been dissolved, rinse thoroughly before reuse.

4.Discard the used acid by first reducing its strength to a neutral pH, by diluting with at least ten times as much water as acid

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