Aeration Installation



Using an aeration unit will help both the health of your pond and your fish.  It will also help to prevent or slow future problems such as algae blooms, sludge buildup and winter kills. An aeration unit will increase the oxygen level found in your water while increasing the circulation in your pond.  This will prevent stagnation and insure that oxygen reaches the bottom of your pond, to help with the faster breakdown of the bottom sludge layer.

                The kit that you received should include your compressor, 100’ of poly airline and one or two 7” airstones (number of stones is determined by the kit purchased).

                All AQ series compressors are NOT weather proofed and must be put in a “doghouse” that will prevent them from sitting in water while keeping the weather off of them.  This must be a well ventilated structure to insure that there is adequate air exchange to cool the compressor.  This must be done to protect your one year warranty.  

                When unrolling tubing make sure to unroll it not just lay the roll on the ground and pull on an end. With the roll directly in front of you and with your arms horizontal simply rotate your arms around one another as you walk backwards away from the anchored end of the hose.  Unrolling the hose any other way will lead to tangling, curls and possible kinks in the line that will make the job more complicated and difficult. 

The normal poly airline provided will float in the pond, as the air in the line is more buoyant than the line is heavy.  Do NOT attach bricks to the line as it often results in kinking as the line tries to float between the bricks.  If you wish for the line to not be visible weighted tubing is available.  This line will sit on the bottom of your pond as it has a higher weight. If weighted tubing is purchased we recommend that you run it only under water and join it at the shore to the poly airline.  This will cut down on initial cost and if any thing happens to the line on land the poly airline is less expensive to replace.

                Once the hose has been unwrapped the airstone(s) should be attached to the hose with the use of a hose clamp.  Then place the airstone(s) in the pond insuring that the loose end of the hose remains anchored on shore.  Then attach the other end to the aeration unit without a hose clamp.  This will insure that if a kink develops in the line that the hose will detach from the aerator. This avoids a possibly dangerous blowout in the line and unnecessary back pressure on the unit that could lead to early motor failure. 

If attaching airstones to a splitter valve attach the shallowest stone to the valved side of the assembly (see diagram).  Hose clamps should be used at this point as well but do not tighten until you are sure of which stone is the shallowest.  Once the airstones have been balanced than the hose clamps can be tightened. 

                The last step is to bury the airline between the shelter and the shoreline.  The airline does not have to be very deep.  The main purpose is to insure that it is protect from damage due to animals, lawnmowers or whipper-snippers.­­




                The intake air filter can be washed with warm water and soap.  This should be done every 3-4 months depending on the air quality around the compressor.  The airstone should be cleaned every 12 months with muriatic acid.  Muriatic acid can be purchased at any home maintenance store.  Simply soak the airstone in a pail, just barely covering the airstone with muriatic acid and allow to sit until bubbling stops.  Follow bottle disposal directions for acid.  Do NOT use other cleaning products such as bleach as they are not compatible with the stone or your pond life.  After about 2 years of continuous run duty you will need to replace the diaphragm or vanes (depending on which model you have).  This should only be done once the pump is not producing air. These can be ordered separately.


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