Algicide Instructions

Algicide Application Directions



·        Apply with a working aeration system

·        Use a well rinsed sprayer to apply product unless spot treating, only spray on calm days so that all the application ends up in the water

·        Apply evenly over the pond surface

·        Split treatment in half and apply each half 3 days apart

·        Use only when algae is present, but use early in growth when algae is easiest to kill

·        Store container in a location where product will not reach less than 4 oC and not store directly on a concrete floor


·        Do NOT apply to a pond with outflow

·        Do NOT guess at the size of your pond, measure it before calculating application (both size AND depth)

·        Do NOT apply during days above 27oC, especially if trout are present (hot water holds less oxygen)

·        Do NOT apply just before, during or following a heavy rain

·        Do NOT use when Koi, goldfish and other carp are present as copper bio-accumulates in these species


1.      Obtain the cubic measurement of your pond by Length x Width x Average Depth

      If measurement in FEET, multiply the above answer by 0.02832 to obtain a measurement in METERS cubed

2.      Read the algicide label to find the required amount of chemical for your pond at the 0.2ppm copper level.

3.      Take HALF of the required volume and place it in a topical sprayer (like one used for lawn or pesticide spraying).  A separate sprayer should be used for each new chemical so that unintended chemical reactions do not occur.  Fill the rest of the container with water to dilute.

4.      Spread the algicide over the surface of your pond starting with the affected areas and applying evenly over the rest of the pond


5.      Repeat the treatment with the second HALF of the treatment after 2 to 3 days to allow the algae time to absorb the algicide.





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